The hull, made up of two “boots”, was built for weight requirements in vacuum composite, and has a naval aluminum superstructure, therefore very light; requirement dictated by the need to have a minimum draft due to the shallow waters.
The motorization consists of two 10 kw water-cooled electric motors, and the number of batteries used allow the catamaran to reach a speed, fully loaded, of 8 knots with an autonomy of about 6 hours.
The management electronics have characteristics that, for the needs of maximum efficiency, must be able to facilitate counter-current navigation;
“Addarella” has in fact the functionality required for excursions, tourist trips and transport of people in natural parks, river areas, lakes and allows you to admire the natural beauty and enjoy the quiet thanks to zero emission technology, free of pollutants, mechanical noises and wave motion with a feature that arouses great admiration: the daily consumption does not exceed that of a hairdryer used for two and a half consecutive hours.



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