Since 1865, four generations of master shipwrights have passed down the art of constructing and restoring wooden boats; an activity that even today preserves its ancient techniques.
In the 1930s, Enrico handed over the baton to his son Amos, already commended with the Cavaliere del Lavoro (Italian Order of Merit for Workmanship) and, in addition to building the luxury wooden vessels typical of Lake Como, specialised in the construction of ‘Batel’, better known today as ‘Lucia’.
Since the 1960s, these Lucia’ vessels, adapted to meet the latest requirements, soon became the most popular type of vessel among national and international clients, as well as the flagship of the Matteri shipyard.
In the 1980s, the designer Versace purchased one for his villa on the Lake…

Amos’s inventiveness and originality now live on in his son Erio, who is not only a shipwright, but also one of the most sensitive restorers, sought after around the world.
Erio Matteri upholds the style and prestige that have remained consistent over time, offering his customers various product ranges: the ‘Matteri Classic Line’, ‘Matteri Sport Line’ and ‘Matteri Tourism Line’, always seeking new ways of interpreting ancient forms, with a purity of construction that defines their style.
The total rejection of mass production, which has endured over generations, has enabled the Matteri shipyard to maintain the same high level of craftsmanship as it did 160 years ago, capable of meeting any specific customer request and offering ‘bespoke’ vessels of the highest quality.