Erio Matteri is entered in the Naval Construction Register of Technicians at the Genova Compartimento Marittimo (Maritime Port Registry) under No. 382 with the professional title of Master Shipwright.

Since 2018 another important and prestigious goal has been achieved with the assignment qualification as National Commissioner Asi for Motonautica

Our shipyard performs different types of restoration, which primarily fall into three categories:

  • “Full restoration” – or replacement, faithful to the original, of parts that are no longer usable – for example Riva Tritone n. 11

  • “Maintenance restoration” – a term coined by us to clearly indicate the intention, namely the recovery of as many original parts as possible, and then regenerating and reusing them. This type of procedure permits a large proportion of the original vessel to be retained. We leave it up to the client, wherever possible, whether or not to maintain these components, taking into account the actual condition of the vessel; it is very difficult to restore parts that have completely deteriorated.
    Some examples among many of the ‘maintenance’ restoration projects we have carried out are the Riva Ronzino, the ‘Ida’ steamer with its 1911 engine still in operation, the seven-metre Dan–tonnage, awarded the prize for best restoration in Europe, the BF Riva ‘Lena’, etc.

  • “Maintenance restoration”, is restoration that is tailored to keeping the vessel in efficient working order and good condition; for example by replacing the bottom, or part the planking, deck, etc., or else simply giving it a coat of paint after an especially hot summer.


This passion began in the 1970s in the most far-flung places in Europe, from cellars to old garages, collecting what would otherwise have been considered as firewood. Today, collectors from all over the world entrust their treasured vessels to the expert hands of Erio Matteri, who is among the few Master Shipwrights in Italy capable of giving them a new lease of life… The Matteri workshop is defined as a place to enjoy watching the past being reborn…where wood is life…and where one can still smell its fragrance today…

The restoration carried out at the Matteri shipyard is of two main types: full or conservative. The latter, subject to the condition of the vessel, takes place by recovering the original components. Once these are regenerated, they are reused, thus permitting all the original parts of the vessel to be recovered.

A tradition of restoration, passed down over four generations through ancient know-how and using the same, long-established techniques…

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