Belonged to the Rossi di Montelera family of the Martini & Rossi distilleries, great motoronauts of the 1930s.
In 1937, after a series of successes, Ronzino was exhibited in the Milan Boat Show and then definitively put back in the Montelera villa on the Turin hills.
Hospitalized for about 60 years, the boat was entrusted to the Erio Matteri shipyard.
Erio carried out a “recovery” type restoration on Ronzino, keeping all its original wooden parts, except for the absolutely necessary replacement of the corroded and no longer reliable longitudinal bulkheads of the engine area and some deck support strips.
All the aluminum parts have also remained original, only re-polished, and so the iron parts, repainted or re-chromed.
The racer of Count Rossi di Montelera has thus returned to its former glory, at the time when he was winning Grand Prix.