STOPS: Stop for lunch in renowned restaurants; our staff will be happy to advise you the most characteristic restaurants of Lake Como where you can taste the typical delicacies of our territory.


Renowned tourist resort, Tremezzo, is a land of very ancient origin, evidenced by SEVERAL archaelogical finds discovered in the area. On its shores you can admire the “Belle Epoque” style hotels that, since the nineteenth century, have made this village one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Our tour, which takes its name from this beautiful location, offers the opportunity to visit the renowned Villa Carlotta. The Villa, whose origins date back to the early eighteenth century, was so named afterwards in honor of Carlotta di Prussia, who received it as a gift from her mother on the occasion of her wedding held on May 18, 1950, with hereditary prince of Saxony Meiningen, Duke George II.

The duration of the tour can vary from 5 to 6 hours and provides the opportunity to have lunch in one of the most characteristic locations on Lake Como.

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