The legend began in November of 1962 

It was inspiered by “Cinerama”, the experimental widescreen cinematography in the U.S.

From its introduction, it became the finest symbol of Riva itself, a brand within a brand, the slogan of which included the keywords, “Sun, Sea, and a Passion for Life.”

Super Aquarama represents the evolution and empowerment of what had already become an icon. Only 203 vessels were built, with “Alma” 12th in order of construction. Its name represented the soul and was also an acronym for Paola and Erio’s two eldest daughters (Alessia and Maddalena).

Alma, that belong to a noble Magrhebian Family, was transport to the Matteri boatyardon Lake Como in deteriorated condition, where it underwent a long and painstaking restoration.

Today, the legend lives on in the waters of Lake Como half a century later with the same spirit of “Sun, Lake, and a Passion for Life.”

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